Playnance Meme
Token Playbucks (USDB)
Playnance Meme Token Playbucks (USDB)
Playnance Meme Token Specification

The Playnance MeMe Token (Playbucks) is a gaming-specific currency designed to enhance the gaming experience within the Playnance chain ecosystem. It operates distinctly from the USDP stablecoin, although it shares similar operational frameworks like the taxation mechanism and whitelist feature, optimized for game-centric transactions.

Token Details
  • Token Name: Playnance Playbucks
  • Token Symbol: USDB
  • Blockchain: Playnance (ChainID: 1829)
  • Token Type: Utility and Gaming Token
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000 USDB
Utility and Use Cases
  • Onboarding Web2 Users: USDB provides an easy entry point for traditional gamers to explore blockchain technologies. By using free tokens, they can explore the game's functionality without the hassle of making an initial deposit to a Web3 wallet. This approach will undoubtedly increase conversions into regular players.
  • Game Participation: Tokens are used as entry fees for all PlayBlock games, allowing users to bet on outcomes within the platform.
  • Incentive for Engagement: Regular tournaments and special events use Playnance MeMe token as prizes, encouraging ongoing participation.
  • Utility and Burn: A percentage of tokens are burned, reducing the overall token supply and potentially increasing token value over time, thus adding a deflationary aspect to the economy.
  • Voting: Token holders can vote on decisions such as new game features, token utility changes, and platform updates. This governance model empowers users and promotes transparency and community involvement.
Acquisition and Earning Mechanisms
  • Free Allocation: New users receive a free initial allocation of 1,000 USDB upon completing their registration, promoting trial and reducing entry barriers.
  • Purchasable Additional Tokens: Players can purchase additional USDB directly within the platform.
  • Rewards: Earn tokens through gameplay achievements, participation in community events, and consistent engagement on the platform.
  • Referral Program: Users gain additional USDB by referring new players to the platform, enhancing user growth and retention.
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