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Playnance is a white-label Web3 trading game that is ready out of the box. Bring in your users and make a profit in just 2 hours. All transactions are transparent and automated via smart contracts.
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All payments are made automatically every day
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Best for
Traffic Owners
If you have the traffic, it can be monitized.
Affiliate Firms Media Buyers Influencers Media Exchanges Gambling Operators FX Operators
If you want to focus on sales and earnings rather than product management or technology development.
The platform is fully automated — focus on sales and growth, not products and technology.
Ready out of the box
No additional product management or development necessary.
100% automated
No need for team or operational expenses.
No bureaucracy
License, regulation, and taxation free.
Operates 24/7
We provide liquidity management and user support all day, every day.
The game
A P2P trading game where users bet on if Bitcoin will rise or fall. Each round lasts 45 seconds, making it super addictive.
  • Earn fees from every round
  • No user limit. Grow your audience as much as you like
  • One-time setup, lifetime passive income
  • Embedded referral system manager to boost cash flow.
#1 Polygon game by number of transactions 2,500 monthly users
Lifetime Daily Earnings
Activate Playnance, and receieve passive income all day, everyday.
Own your branded platform
Enterprise Partner
Custom revenue share and fee option.
Case Example
Partner type: Operator
Players attracted: 5000+
Revenue per player: $500
Total Revenue: $2,500,000
Transparency & Security
All rules and transactions are powered by smart-contracts, which stops fraud and prevents risk for partners and players.
Playnance is 100% non-custodial.
No deposits and no KYC.
Playnance has completed an CertiK audit with results in the TOP-10%.
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Fully automated launch - receive income in just 2 hours, all on your own
  1. Sign in with email and crypto wallet
  2. Customize your platform with name, branding, and domain
  3. Select a partnership package
  4. Activate platform
  5. Use marketing channels to direct traffic
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How does a Partner make money?

Partners earn a commission from each game round, which lasts 45 seconds. A Partner receives 9% from the winner's pool at the round's end.

How frequently are Partner payouts processed?

Payouts are processed daily through a smart contract directly to Parter's wallet. Transparency is key: every transaction is displayed on the blockchain.

How can Partner activate and brand his Playnance platform?

By registering through your email and wallet address, you can brand your platform with a custom name, logo, domain, and social media links.

What are the minimum requirements to become a Partner?

0$. You're eligible to earn a 35% revenue share as a Media Partner via an affiliate link with no upfront cost. Alternatively, you can invest $10,000 to obtain your personalized white-label platform.

Can Partner upgrade his partnership level in the future?

Yes, contact us at any time to upgrade your package.

How will players deposit and withdraw their funds?

Players need USDP coins to play. They can deposit them into a wallet or buy directly on the platform with a bank card with fiat. In this case, a wallet will be created for the player automatically, and USDP will be sent to it. Withdrawals are available from the same wallet.

Why is blockchain essential in Playnance?

All transactions between partners, players, and the platform occur on the blockchain. Game and payout rules are also recorded on a smart contract, mitigating any risk of fraud from any side. A passed audit by CertiK also confirms this.

Can non-crypto users play Playnance game?

Yes, those unfamiliar with crypto can log in through social networks, create their own wallets, and then fund them with a bank card.

How does Playnance assist Partners in their platforms' promotion?

We provide a step-by-step guide on attracting players to your platform, along with marketing materials that have proven effective.

Are there any geographical restrictions?

No. Playnance is a technology provider, and you can purchase our plug-and-play solution from any country. In addition, Playnance has only non-custodial payments through a decentralized wallet. There are no direct deposits and withdrawals. Thus, there is no geographical restriction.

What operational expenses could Partner have?

White-label owners have zero expenses on platform development, operations, team, or liquidity management. The platform provides everything. All they need is to focus on sales and marketing.

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