Layer-3 blockchain to onboard iGamers
Playblock is the first zero-gas Layer-3 gaming chain powered by Arbitrum Orbit on Gelato RaaS.
of the global population engage in gambling at least once a year.
Despite its vast reach, the industry faces challenges like developer distrust and a high risk of fraud.
of the industry's market share is captured by blockchain gaming in 2023.
Current achieved milestone is 1M daily unique Web3 Gaming active wallets.
PlayBlock is a playground that unites developers, creators, and players, pioneering a new era in Web3 gaming
For gamers
We eliminate the necessity for users to pay for gas. This design enables persistent, session-based, gasless gameplay.
1-click top-up
Utilize our internal ecosystem featuring fiat bridge, token bridge, and token bridge for swift, secure, and Web2 native top-up solutions.
For developers
Ease of integration
PlayBlock's infrastructure equips developers to launch Web3 games and simplifies the process by empowering them with plug-and-play solution.
Lightning Fast
By leveraging Arbitrum Anytrust technology, PlayBlock achieves a 250ms block time and near-instant finality, enabling it to process thousands of transactions per second.
Limitless scalability
A gaming-first, fully-serviced, auto-scalable rollup infrastructure enables Playnance and third-party developers to grow and scale at pace.
The one-stop shop with streamlined player onboarding, access to plenty of games, and a ten-thousandth gamers community. PlayBlock native wallet also features seamless social login and 1-click top-up.
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Onboarding businesses
Are you a Web2 / Web3 iGaming developer?
We invite you to kickstart your game on PlayBlock! Any EVM-compatible game will be ready for the launch in just a few days.
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